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Roofing FAQ

  • FAQ
  • Does BrentMore provide free estimates?

    A: Yes, we provide free roofing estimates.

  • How long will it take to get my estimate?

    A: It is our goal to complete roofing estimates within one week of the original site visit.

  • How long will my roofing project take?

    A: A typical shingle roof or flat roof takes 2 to 4 days. A slate roof is very labor intensive and can take much longer depending on the square footage.

  • Who will be doing the actual work on our roof?

    A: The BrentMore roofing team is experienced, prompt and reliable. There are times that BrentMore will use additional trusted trade partners to ensure that your roof is completed in a timely manner. At a minimum, each trade partner must carry sufficient liability insurance, have current professional license status where applicable and have a demonstrated ability to deal respectfully with our clients and on-site employees.

  • How will my home be kept clean and safe during the project?

    A: We take great care to leave your property in the same or better condition than it was found. We take the following steps:

    1. Decide together which areas we will need to access in order to perform the designated work, note where your landscaping, decks, sidewalks, trees, pets, etc. are located, and ensure they are protected during the entire project. Upon completion of our work we like to meet with you again to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction. (Note: A portion of our employees’ compensation is based upon your satisfaction.)
    2. Our employees are not permitted to enter your home unless you invite them in or give them permission to do so. We respect your privacy and the cleanliness of your home so we are careful to:
      a. Only enter your home when absolutely necessary.
      b. Wear shoe protectors or remove our shoes before
      entering your living space.
      c. Contact you immediately should there be any mishaps,
      and take the necessary steps to bring timely resolution
      to such occurrences.
  • In what geographical area does BrentMore operate?

    A: As a commitment to our employees and trusted trade partners, we generally operate within a 45-minute radius of Lancaster, PA. Call us to discuss your project and the feasibility of projects elsewhere.

  • Is BrentMore fully insured?

    A: Yes, BrentMore, including its employees and trade partners, has full liability coverage.

  • How will I be billed for my roof?

    A: Roofing projects require a down payment when the contract is signed, with the balance due at the completion of the job. For larger roofing jobs, additional payments may be required during the course of the job.

  • Does BrentMore accept credit card payments for roofing projects?

    A: Yes, BrentMore accepts credit card payments for roofing projects.

  • I really don't think that I need a new roof, but I am thinking of some type of preventive program. Is there anything like that available?

    A: Many times home owners will not seek to replace a roof until they begin to experience problems with it. If you wait until your roof leaks, however, it is often too late to prevent damages that occur long before you noticed a leak.

    For your convenience, we offer a bi-annual roof inspection and maintenance plan. We will schedule one of our certified roofing technicians to visit your home, inspect your roof for signs of deterioration, clean out any clogged gutters, remove debris from the valleys, etc. During this visit our technician will take note of the condition of your roof and let you know of anything you can be doing to prolong its life as well as give an estimated replacement date.

  • What is a renewable roof?

    A: You never need to do a “tear-off” with Conklin’s Fabric Reinforced system. Simply clean and recoat every 10-15 years.


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